Apr 12, 2024

Block Picks launches - UFC 300

Block Picks launches - UFC 300

Block Picks launches - UFC 300

As the sports world gears up for UFC 300, a landmark event in the realm of combat sports, we have been working on something fresh for you and our upcoming thousands of new users, the new Block Picks platform. 

You’ve played BlockSix, our flagship picks platform, loved by many, but not built to scale and match our grand ambitions. As such we’ve re-worked picks from the ground up, with a fresh new design and experience, that can scale as we bring in new users, add new sports, new games and add additional features.

The new platform is powered by the insights and feedback from our community, so we’d like to thank everyone who’s participated in the OG Picks platform over the last few months! 

We’ve levelled up

Grounded in extensive community feedback, the new Block Picks platform boasts a sleek, intuitive interface designed to simplify navigation and enhance usability. It's not just a facelift; it's a complete overhaul aimed at ensuring every sports enthusiast, from the casual fan to the seasoned predictor, both Web3 native and complete noobie, finds a home with us.

Integration with the broader Blockasset ecosystem ensures a seamless experience. You can sign up and log in to Block Picks using our new single sign-on technology, allowing you to access all Blockasset products with a single account. 

Along with the new technology is a new brand, we’ve ditched the ‘six’, kept the ‘picks’, and added a tidy new colour scheme with an orange gradient and dark UI, to give us a brand and interface different from any other platform. We’re super proud of the new product and believe it’s a big step up in quality from the previous platform.

Wen rewards?

At the core of Block Picks is a new rewards system designed to celebrate and incentivise the engagement of our users. Weekly BLOCK rewards ensure that every correct prediction moves you not just up the leaderboard, but closer to greater BLOCK rewards. 

Sports is all about competition, and we’ve built the new product with competition at its heart; compete against other users, climb the leaderboard and earn your cut of weekly BLOCK rewards based on your leaderboard position.

Our Commitment to Community and Growth:

The heartbeat of Block Picks remains the beloved Classic Picks, making its grand return with UFC 300, simply make your picks and climb the leaderboard. But the vision extends far beyond, with exciting new game types like "Duos" and "More or Less" set to debut in the coming weeks, offering fresh, innovative ways to engage and win.

Additionally, the Premier League and our previous sports including Karate Combat, and PFL will soon return, with new sports on the way (🇺🇸👀).

The new platform is fresh, but it’s not complete just yet, with many new updates already close to being launched, here’s what we’re working on:

  • Returning sports including Premier League

  • New sports leagues

  • Rewards page

  • Rewards wallet

  • Notifications 

  • New game types

  • Daily games

  • Community mini-leagues

  • Social features 

  • And much more

Live Updates: Your Sports Predictions, Supercharged

One of the biggest asks from the community in our previous platform was live updates. We heard you, and the introduction of live updates is set to transform the Block Picks experience, allowing you to follow the progress of your picks in real time as the action unfolds. Watch as your points go up and down during live events, and see your leaderboard position change in real time! 

Go forth and multiply

As mentioned above, our new platform is built with user growth and user rewards in mind. We’re ensuring the mass growth of the platform with our revolutionary social sharing feature. Make your picks, and share your predictions with your friends on X (Twitter). You’ll earn points multipliers for sharing, successful referrals and for returning to play every week. 

Full rules on points, multipliers and a full FAQ can be found within the Picks platform when logged in.

So, who you got?

Sign up, make and share your picks, and claim those sweet, sweet BLOCK tokens. Whether you're a seasoned predictor or new to the game, there's never been a better time to dive in.

Play now at blockpicks.gg