Jun 10, 2024

Jared Cannonier Demands Rematch After Controversial UFC Louisville Loss

Jared Cannonier Demands Rematch After Controversial UFC Louisville Loss

Jared Cannonier Demands Rematch After Controversial UFC Louisville Loss

After his controversial loss to Nassourdine Imavov at UFC Louisville last weekend, Jared Cannonier has finally spoken out and called for a rematch with the French fighter.

Referee Jason Herzog stopped the fight a minute and a half into the fourth round, concluding that Cannonier wasn't defending himself adequately against Imavov's strikes.

However, Imavov, known as 'The Russian Sniper,' disagrees with the controversy and supports Herzog's decision to step in when he did.

Jared Cannonier Speaks Out After Controversial UFC Louisville Loss

In his first public comments since the loss, 'The Killa Gorilla' emotionally discussed the controversial stoppage, asserting that Herzog unfairly took the opportunity away from him.

“It’s gut-wrenching, to say the least,” Cannonier stated on The MMA Hour. “The chance to achieve something great was stolen from me in that moment.

“It doesn’t feel like I lost the fight; it feels like it was taken from me. Gut-wrenching is an understatement,” Cannonier added.

The 40-year-old also noted that the loss cost him half of his paycheck, as his contract is still structured on a show/win basis. Before the stoppage, Cannonier was leading two rounds to one on two judges' scorecards.

“The opportunity was snatched away from me, not to mention the chance to get two checks, my win bonus, and potentially Fight of the Night honors,” Cannonier said.

Despite UFC officials agreeing that the fight ended prematurely, there have been no discussions about paying the fourth-ranked middleweight the second half of his paycheck.

Jared Cannonier Calls for Rematch with Imavov at UFC Paris

After his controversial victory, Imavov expressed his desire for a rematch with Sean Strickland at UFC Paris in September, following their initial fight in January last year, which Strickland won by unanimous decision.

However, Strickland indicated he would wait for another title shot following his UFC 302 win over Paulo Costa, leaving Imavov's callout unanswered.

Cannonier, a former title challenger, is now demanding a rematch with the 28-year-old Imavov in September at UFC Paris.

“As far as compensation, I want to petition for a rematch. The UFC is going to Paris in September, and I would love to go to Nassourdine’s backyard and make things right.

“That’s what I want, a rematch in Paris. He came over here, so I’m more than happy to go over there,” Cannonier insisted.

The UFC has only held two events in Paris, with their next one scheduled for September 28, likely headlined by Ciryl Gane for the third time.